Sustenance Campaign for the Samsung Note 4 for Malaysia

Creative Group Head and writer on Sustenance Campaign for the Samsung Note 4 for Malaysia. 4 webisodes of 8 minutes each, with a beginning, middle and end and a song specially composed for this story.

Road To Ramlee – Episode 1: Nasib Si Reza (Reza’s Fate)

Road To Ramlee – Episode 2: Ragam Ujibakat (Audition Antics)

Road To Ramlee – Episode 3: Manis Manis Masam (Sweet Sweet Sour)

Road To Ramlee – Episode 4: Antara Dua Penyanyi (Between Two Singers)

Lifebuoy Help a Child reach 5

Cannes Silver 2013. 2 Gold Effies 2013. (Worked on initial campaign idea and ideology and then on print and ambient ads for the same campaign.)

Lux – Soap Box

Lux – Poetry Hijack

I Love Mumbai – To Pee or Not To Pee

(Winner of Bronze medal at the Korean Ad stars 2013)


Obsession India 30s Hindi from Aditya Kripalani on Vimeo.

Lux – Middle East


MasterCard 43sec HDFC New Logo


OCBC Digital Banking ads.

Better Banking Experience: OCBC OneTouch™

Better Banking Experience: OCBC Easy Access Insurance

Better Banking Experience: OCBC PayAnyone™

Better Banking Experience: OCBC Sunday Banking